Western Region Dalsavers


Phoenix Dalmatian Station, Mesa, AZ, Lisa Maturo, Director , email - PhoenixDalStation@msn.com
web site - http://www.dalmatianstation.petfinder.com


Dalmatian Rescue of the Central Coast (Northern California and Central California)-
Cyndi Adams, President, e-mail - MoCoDalResQ@aol.com
web site - http://www.dalmatianresq.com
Tammy Kue, (Oahu/Hawaii Branch), e-mail - tammydalresq@aol.com
web site - http://hometown.aol.com/tammydalresq/DRCCoahuhome.html
"Save the Dalmatians and Others Canine Rescue", Maggie Esquiroz, President, email - rescue@savethedals.org
- web site - http://www.savethedals.org
Dalmatian Rescue of Los Angeles, Gail McKenzie, e-mail - gmckenzie1@earthlink.net
-website- www.petfinder.org/shelters/CA422.html


Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado, Inc. (DRCI), Beth White, email - melodee@juno.com
- web site - http://www.dalmatianrescue.org


Dalmatian Rescue of the Central Coast (Oahu/Hawaii Branch)-
Tammy Kue, e-mail - tammydalresq@aol.com
web site - http://hometown.aol.com/tammydalresq/DRCCoahuhome.html


Dalmatian Club of Northern California Rescue, Janet Langford Gray, Reno, Nevada, email - sheadal@sbcglobal.net
website: http://www.dalclubnorcal.org/dalclubrdogs.htm
Nevada (northern) Dalsavers, Carol Chase Healy
for the Reno/Sparks/Carson/Tahoe area only (no Las Vegas, please),
email - fiacredals@aol.com

New Mexico

Dalsavers of Albuquerque, (covering central and northern New Mexico),
Glenn Laguna, email - galagun@swcp.com
web site - www.abqdalrescue.org
Dalmatian Rescue of Southern New Mexico,
Sharon Gamboa, e-mail - sharonrvc@yahoo.com


Calvin's Dalmatian Rescue of Oregon, Hollie Bearden, email - rescueadalmatian@yahoo.com
Willamette Valley Dalmatian Rescue, Corinne James, email - corinne@oce.orst.edu

Washington State

Cascade Dalmatian Fanciers, Paula Olcott, email - blkonwht@gte.net
Spottedpaw, NW Dalmatian Rescue, Diana Sterle (Harris), email - spottedpaw@qwest.net
web site - www.spottedpaw.org
Spots of Seattle Dalmatian Rescue, Britt Trisler, e-mail - brittnmt@aol.com
web site - www.petfinder.org/shelters/WA13.html

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